Smokies Rib Shack

Smokies Rib Shack

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We specialize in Ribs, chicken and pull pork using our special blend of seasonings and rubs.

Our daily menu consist of Ribs, chicken, ( grilled and fried ) pulled pork, hamburgers and Hot dogs. Friday is fish day in addition to our regular menu. on Tuesdays we do a (soul food Tuesday), where my wife gets to show case her skills with whatever comfort food she desires to prepare. (It's always a delight and delicious )  
On Friday fish day we prepare our fish fresh, seasoned and deep fried to perfection upon request. it takes a few minutes more to recieve your meal, however it is worth the wait.

Our Specials

Friday Fish Day

Fresh Catfish


Only $11.00 for a dinner with two sides of your choice

Name Of The Dish

Whether or not you choose The BBQ Rib plate or the Pulled Pork dinner or sandwich, your taste buds will dance with flavorful joy
Only $12.00 for the Rib Dinner
and only $9.00 for the Pulled Pork Dinner.

Soul food Tuesday
A home cooked meal for 
only $8.00
New- Starting in March, the first wednesday each month will be SENORS DAY.  

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